Experience the convenience of having a truly parent/student-friendly tool to navigate the ever-changing educational landscape safely and securely.

Why Online Proctoring?

With the increasing growth and popularity of homeschooling and online learning in recent years, more so this year as the world presses on through the COVID-19 pandemic, online proctoring allows educators and students to adapt to the ever-changing educational landscape while upholding high standards of academic integrity and excellence.
For families that have embraced the flexibility of online-based education, Qwiz provides students of all levels with a smooth testing experience through its student-centered design and user-friendly interface. With all the work students put into studying and preparing for examinations, Quiz removes the need for any additional stress with its simple security and verification set up.
Educators and administrators can easily set up remote exams with the platform’s straightforward examination process and scheduling tools at their disposal. End-to-end security and carefully designed algorithms allow proctors to review any suspicious activity or even check screens, webcams, and microphones to ensure academic honesty. 
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